“Beyond Hello” now available to watch online

Beyond Hello is now available to watch online! Thanks to Northampton Community Television, whose production grant partially enabled Beyond Hello to exist, the entire movie is now up on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.  

Queen of Katwe trailer

Hollywood doesn’t only make sequels. Or reboots. Or remakes. Or comic-book movies. Sometimes they make original stories. Sometimes they tell new stories with new faces. Hopefully, when they do such a thing, we as the audience are able to show Continue reading Queen of Katwe trailer

Studios to Consumers: Don’t Buy Disc-Based Media

The movie studios really don’t want you to buy their movies on discs (DVD or Blu-Ray). They would much rather you buy (or rent) a digital file via iTunes or Amazon or the like. Once you buy a disc it’s Continue reading Studios to Consumers: Don’t Buy Disc-Based Media