Beyond Hello

The first feature length movie from Phaedron Productions is Beyond Hello.

Beyond Hello follows the conversation that happens between two strangers who want to be more than strangers.

Until she meets Jameson (Keith Ward), Christina (Laura DeCesare) claims to be perfectly content to inherit her family’s restaurant – a small almost rundown place called StrangeLand.

But while Jameson tries to convince Christina that she wants to do much more with her life, he isn’t who he claims to be at all… and might be dangerous.

Teaser PosterChristina on phone Beyond Hello characters

Beyond Hello is written and directed by Juno Orion. It’s produced by Stephanie Kvam. It starts Keith Ward, Laura DeCesare, Gilana Chelimsky, Richard Ballon, and Greta Shaver. Casting was by Drew Lydecker. David Gregory wrote the music.

The trailer, previously posted on this very blog, is below.